Acacia Research Corporation has announced that its CombiMatrix group has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Genome Explorations of Memphis, Tennessee, under the company’s CombiCore™ access program.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genome Explorations is certified as an authorized service provider for CombiMatrix CustomArray™ and CatalogArray™ products.

Customers of Genome Explorations can now purchase CombiMatrix CustomArray and CatalogArray products through Genome Explorations for services to be rendered by Genome Explorations.

“The addition of CombiMatrix CustomArray and CatalogArray products to our offering enables us to provide an alternative platform for gene expression and genotyping services to those researchers that would like to perform novel experiments,” said Divyen Patel, CEO and founder of Genome Explorations.

“CombiMatrix offers the best option for researchers that require low-priced unique-content microarrays. The agreement also allows us to provide our current service clients an extremely accurate validation tool.”

“We are happy to have Genome Explorations, one of the industry’s premier array service providers, in the CombiCore access program,” said Michael Tognotti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CombiMatrix.

“Together we will expand our business by offering complete custom microarray solutions through Genome Explorations’ existing and rapidly growing customer base.”